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Mezuraj Museum announces that after the inauguration of the new exhibition of Mezuraj Collection of the well- known painter Helidon Haliti and of the catalogue regarding this collection on 16 March, 2009, Mezuraj Museum will be opened for the public on
17 March, 2009.
Museum hours
Monday – Saturday 9.00 - 18.00
Closed Sunday

Museum Fees 3 €

You are welcome to visit the museum.


Mezuraj Museum
March 2009


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Museum inauguration
March 2006

Mezuraj Museum, the first of its kind in Albania, has been inaugurated in Tirana.
Its presence will serve as a message and point of reference and orientation in the beautiful journey of the undeniable values of the national cultural heritage. It will focus itself on bringing forward in time the values of aesthetic quintessence, holding educational values for our society as well as having a presenting existence.

Every one of us will find in this museum their missing part in their revival; they will find the emotional density that will put in mention the inner spiritual world, becoming expressive, lively, demanding and always part of the movement. By means of this rhythm, we will put forward our views towards improvement, in the journey of values for the preservation of evidence.

Mezuraj Museum is open for all the interested people, and admirers of figurative art.

Mezuraj Museum • Kavaja street • Tiranë • Albania