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Mezuraj Museum announces that after the inauguration of the new exhibition of Mezuraj Collection of the well- known painter Helidon Haliti and of the catalogue regarding this collection on 16 March, 2009, Mezuraj Museum will be opened for the public on
17 March, 2009.
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Monday – Saturday 9.00 - 18.00
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Mezuraj Museum
March 2009


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Figurative art



Mezuraj Museum fund couldn’t be considered totally representative without its sculpture collection.  This one is primarily represented from Adnan Bushati sculptures. 

A typical characteristic of this sculptor is carving in wood.  There are about 20 wood sculptures with anthropomorphic images, generally just one image or two interlaced images.

  • Adnan Bushati
  • Biography
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Shkoder 1957
  The sculptor Adnan Bushati is born in late sixties (1957) in the city of Shkodra. Having completed the Art School “Jordan Misja” in Tirana (1976) for sculpture, he turned back in his natal city, where he worked during many years as sculptor and modeler in the artistic enterprise (1976 – 1983). Afterwards Bushati worked in the archeological nucleus of the Institute of Archeology in the city of Shkodra (1983 – 1999) and later on – in free profession, as a sculptor. Bushati has exhibited for he first time in Shkodra, in 1978 (“The Violinist”, relief on wood). Till early nineties the painter Adnan Bushati has taken part in different local exhibitions with some works realized in wood, mainly relieves of historic themes, such as “Fighters” (1989), as well as with other realism works presenting images of everyday life (“The crafts-woman” and “Three countrywomen”).

After nineties Bushati begins to elaborate his sculptural works according to the style of Henry MUR, who still remains his idol. Beginning with the work “Expectancy” (winner of the third price in the National Competition of Visual Arts, NGA, Tirana, 1995), the painter Bushati creates a cycle of sculptural works presenting mainly sitting down or standing up women, as well as “The mother with the child (Madonna)”.
The collection of the works Bushati has realized between 1998 and 2004 have revealed him as a very sensible sculptor, whose sculptures are characterized by warm plastics and large and full forms of the silhouettes of all figures they have. Bushati carves the wood but generates smooth marble plasticity. All the figures of Bushati have exteriorly the same silhouette: A complete, closed form; but these forms have internally expressive and unforeseen plastics, which thing makes them interesting and surprising. Every his figure has its magic and individuality.
Bushati’s contacts with found antiquities as well as with the collections of the Albanian museums (vases in ceramics, terracotta, fibulae, rings, ear-rings, women decorations, etc) have enriched his creational energy and given him the capacity to successfully execute his projects with the most essential plastic elements. That is the reason his creational artistic conscience is embodied in a notable ability in achieving unexpected effects during the creative process. His particular skills in creating a warm and beautiful plastic allows him to masterfully realize the works he has dedicated to the female figure and to produce sculptural images of a startling beauty, sometimes simply by neglecting some small details.
The work of the sculptor Bushati can be found in the fund of the “Mezuraj Museum” as well as in other collections in Albania and abroad.

Mezuraj Museum • Kavaja street • Tiranë • Albania