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Mezuraj Museum announces that after the inauguration of the new exhibition of Mezuraj Collection of the well- known painter Helidon Haliti and of the catalogue regarding this collection on 16 March, 2009, Mezuraj Museum will be opened for the public on
17 March, 2009.
Museum hours
Monday – Saturday 9.00 - 18.00
Closed Sunday

Museum Fees 3 €

You are welcome to visit the museum.


Mezuraj Museum
March 2009


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How did we come so far?
June 2006.

People didn't know before about Mezuraj Museum and the hard work done for it.
Continuous research about the treatment of Albanian life in the history and the art, touched our initiative in the amount of possibilities for the promotion of this value we altogether enjoy.
This porpose defeated all the difficulties and barriers.
In our opinion it has been a laborious effort but it is worth now.

The sensitivity, love, devotion, the presence of the encouragement of our fellowship in this initiative with our eminent objective, for contribution in the cultural and artistic life, but esspecially in the national history, have been left and still are part of the reason, part of mutual respect and in the same time conscientious appeal in conserving and enriching the values that this museum holds.
Mezuraj Museum is result of a great work, in the historic and artistic concept. He is derivation of the systematic and serious efforts in everything he presents and takes from his visitors and his well-wishers.


Now, Mezuraj Museum is part of the MuseDoma licensed museums comunity, amongst the most famous museums in the world. Address:

Mezuraj Museum • Kavaja street • Tiranë • Albania